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5 ways how to avoid online scam

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This image shows money in a case. Looking at this picture , will be easily trap into scams game. avoid online scam.
how to avoid online scam

5 ways how to avoid online scams

Lottery Scams

Below I will table you the 5 ways how to avoid online scams. A scam is an attempt to fraudulently extract money from someone through various means. It can be by pretending to be a legitimate lottery company or winning player.

It has sadly become a too common method of deception as such scams prey on people’s desire to win money. Find out how to identify scam and the 5 ways how to avoid online scam.

A lottery scam is a type of advance-fee fraud which begins with an unexpected email notification, phone call, or mailing (sometimes including a large check) explaining that “You have won!” a large sum of money in a lottery. The recipient of the message—the target of the scam—is usually told to keep the notice secrete.

Social media can also be used to reach you easily through requesting for acquaintance. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

avoid online scam

ways to spot online lottery scam

If you have received any message or email check through this list on how to avoid online scam.

Did you register any lottery during that period?

The easiest way to know if it’s a scam, ask yourself If you played or buy a ticket online. Then how comes that you have won.

Are they asking you for payment?

An official company would pay your winnings in full with that charging you for any cost.

How authentic is the reference prize?

Check well at the lottery name if it makes sense and is consistent. It’s not possible to win a lottery in another country without you played for it.

Are they pressuring you to respond?

A legitimate company would table out their terms and conditions for claiming, like expiring dates and your lottery register reference.

Did they ask you to keep it confidential?

This ara methods of scamming. They will ask you to keep it like a secrete in other to manipulate you easily.

avoid online scam messages

How professionally is the message?

Looking at this image, it will make think if it really a professionally message or not.
Check out the source from were it comes from. 
how to avoid online scam
avoid online scam

Scammers are becoming more and more sophisticated with the design and content of their scams. You should found out if the lottery organisation actually exists. This is further warning it is probably a scam.

Do they know your names?

If you play online you could receive a genuine automated winner notification without your name, but if your names are mention in the message, then it is a sign of a possible scam.

The email address look like what?

A legitimate lottery will never send out a message from a personal Email. Take a good look at the email address.

how to avoid different types of scam

Avoid online scam. The most common type of scam informs you that you have won a lottery. or that there has been a mistake and you have been overpaid and must return some of your winnings. They are just trying to open the lines of communication so they can gain access to personal or financial information.

Another scamming method is to inform you that your email or phone number has been randomly selected as a winner.

Another type of scam involves the fraudster pretending to be a lottery winner who wants to invest their money.

Scammers may also try to convince people that they have reduced their annual tax.

They usually don it over the phone or email in an attempt to get your bank card details. Avoid online scam by not giving out any information.

Scam Online Methods


Fraud emails are becoming increasingly common, as they allow scammers to contact so many people at the touch of a button. Through email, you can easily respond without knowing that is a scam. One of the ways to avoid an online scam is don’t open emails you don’t know the source.


You may receive a letter through the post saying that you have a reduction from your annual tax.

Postal scams target hundreds or even thousands of people simultaneously. They usually designed to look as authentic as possible, complete with various official-looking logos.

They can ask to fill up a form to make your claim and return the claim form to a response address provided.


You may receive a phone call saying you have won a prize, and the scammer will be very good at sounding professional and knowledgeable enough to make you feel confident that the news is genuine.

They may asked to provide personal pieces of information and financial data.


If you receive a text message stating that you are the winner of a cash prize draw and that your number has been chosen to win a cash prize.

However, you can be charged if you call the number provided, if you respond, at time you may even get your phone hacked. If you reply in any way, you are enabling the scammers to access the information on your phone, SIM card or even data from websites you have visited.

Social Media

Fraudsters can send messages through social media. To inform you of the lottery that you have won. To fil a form for the processing of your ownership.

The best methods is to do some research and check out some information about the person the orgin of the mail in other to avoid online scam.

There are many scam affiliate programs also online. You have to check deep into their and the credibility of the website platform.

how to avoid online scam.
Avoid scam affiliate program
how to spot online scammers
scam online methods
avoid online scam

3 ways to help you avoid lottery scammers

1 – Participation.

First, The’s no way that you can possibly win a lottery unless you have bought a ticket for that game. If you haven’t bought a ticket, you won’t win a lottery prize. Bearing this rule in mind will prevent you from scammers.

2 – Never send payment.

A legitimate lottery will never ask for you to make a payment before your winnings can be processed. Do not give a scammer any personal or financial information, and do not respond to any suspicious correspondence or open any link in a suspicious email. If you have already responded, then break off contact straight away. If you have provided personal details, alert your bank immediately. You should also report any scam you received to the relevant authorities.

3 – Claim direct

Should you receive a telephone call, postal or email communication which you really believe is genuine. You should take a look at the small print on the reverse of that ticket and follow the official claims process as described.

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Never you give money for an online lottery.
Don't pay for something you don't have a good knowledge about.
Be away from online lottery.

Hey, I have written out how to avoid online scam step-by-step a few methods on how to avoid lottery scam. Questions or sharing more information will be highly appreciated. Your comment is welcome.

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