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8 ways to fight depression

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8 ways to fight depression.
This image shows how this person is under depression.
Use natural method to fight depression.
Go out for sport activity 
Meet other people and share ideals.
Travel and have fun with family or friends.
Avoid using drugs as solution to treat depression.
Drinking or eating to much won't help fight depression.
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8 ways to fight depression

What is Depression & Symptoms

Depression is the main cause of disability worldwide, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). It can affect adults, adolescents, and children.

Depression is a mental health disorder characterised by persistent depressed mood or loss of interest in activities, causing significant impairment in daily life. It is either caused by biological, psychological, and social sources of distress.

Depression is an ongoing problem, not a passing one. It consists of episodes during which the symptoms last for at least 2 weeks. It can last for several weeks, months, or years.

Symptoms include

– Irritable mood
– Sleep problems (too much or less sleep)
– Change in interest
– Excess guilt
– Low energy
– Worse concentration
– Agitation
– Changes in appetite

How to recognize the hidden signs of depression.

How to recogniz the hidden signs of depression.

In females

Depression is more common among women as men

Some symptoms of depression that appear more often in females:


-mood swings



-Premenstrual disorder

In males

Depression in men.

Males with depression are more likely than females to drink alcohol in excess, display anger, and engage in risk-taking as a result of the disorder.

Other symptoms of depression in males may include:

-avoiding families and social situations

-working without a break

-having difficulty keeping up with work and family responsibilities

-displaying abusive or controlling behavior in relationships.

With college students

Time at college can stressful, and a person may be dealing with other lifestyles, cultures, and experiences for the first time.

Some students having diffeculy coping with these changes, and they may develop depression, anxiety, or both as a result.

Symptoms of depression in college students may include:

-Difficulty concentrating on schoolwork


-Sleeping too much

-A decrease or increase in appetite

-Avoiding social situations and activities that they usoushly enjoy

As for Teens

Physical changes, peer pressure, and other factors lead to depression in teenagers.

They may experience some of the following symptoms:

-Withdrawing from friends and family

-Difficulty concentrating on schoolwork

-Feeling guilty, helpless, or worthless

-Restlessness,and inability

In children

Statistics show that children and teens aged 3–17 have a diagnosis of depression.

In children, symptoms can make schoolwork,Family and social activities challenging. They may experience symptoms such as:


-Low energy


-Defiant behavior

-Vocal outbursts

Younger children may have difficulty expressing how they feel in words. This can make it harder for them to explain their feelings of sadness.

Activity Help Fight Depression

8 ways to fight depression
Activity help fight depression.
Get something doing will help fight and treat Depression.
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Being depressed can make you feel helpless.

I’ll start by telling you about my story concerning depression. I will share my experience on how and what I did to fight the depression.

I have come across moments of depression in my life. That was in 2006. I was well dressed and on my way to the job site, people were welcome as I arrived, my work melt were all sociable and welcome.

At the end of the day, my boss calls me in her office. Working into her office, I realise the atmosphere wasn’t welcome. I stood in front of her and you can imagen the sad message she delivered to me! that in a month I won’t be any more a member of the company. I thought of how to fight depression but no way out.

It sounds to me as if it was the end of my life. I was under depression for about two months with sleepless night and couldn’t eat. I wasn’t motivated to go for sport as I was doing every weekend, neither to talk with anyone up to a point of losing appetite.

How I Fought Depression

There’s a lot you can do on your own to fight back.

That period lasted for almost two months and one blessed day which a friend of mine came and forced me to come with him. I saw homeless and happy families in the street.

We went and played football. I went back home, took a shower and get something to eat. I received a phone call from a friend who proposed me a job. The next day, I went for the appointment and everything went smoothly and I started working.

After two to three months, I was full of happiness and joy. No matter under what conditions we are, there’s always a solution to fight depression.

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Ways To Fight Depression

You can see how people share ideas and ways to fight depression.
Everyone is proposing solution.
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8 Ways to Fight Depression

1. Exercise.
Exercise boosts feel-good chemicals called endorphins. Regular exercise encourages the brain to rewire itself in positive ways. Walking a few times a week can help also fight depression.

2. Eat Healthily
Foods that contain omega 3 fatty acids like (salmon and tuna), folic acids like spinach and avocado will help fight depression.

3. Get Enough Sleep
You can start by making some changes to your lifestyle. Go to bed early. Try not to nap. Take all of the distractions out of the bedroom like no TV, no computer and phones may help you improve sleep.

4. Take on Responsibility
Find workable Goals that gives you a sense of accomplishment. Depression makes you pull back from life and give up on your responsibilities at home and at work. You can take the full time, part-time or even volunteer jobs.

Doing Sport will Help Fight Depression

Doing sport will Help you Fight and Treat Depression.
One of the best Natural ways to overcome depression.
how to fight against depression.

5. Challenge Negative Thoughts
To fight depression, a lot of the work is mental. Changing how you think is very important. When you are feeling terrible, use positive thoughts to overcome the negative ones.

6. Do Something New
When you are under depressed, you are in a rut. Go to the museum, park and can do volunteer especially in things you like.

7. Try to Have Fun
Make time for things you enjoy. Keep trying everything especially those that make you happy. Focus on people who lift you up and also interact frequently with them. Click Here: Use social media.

8. Stay in the Present
This practice is mindfulness. As best as you can try not to be self judgmental, always try to bring yourself back to the present. Try to have compassion it will give you high self-esteem and confidence. Also, enable you to fight depression easily

Avoid taking Drugs To Fight Depression.

8 ways to fight depression
Avoid consuming drugs during depression. 
Use but Natural solutions in the place of drugs.
The side effects of the drug will make you dependent.
It will cost you extra expenditure.

Drugs will keep you depended for the rest of your life. Also it will cost you a lot of money. Using drugs to fight depression is more harmful to your health. Is a chemical product which will toxify your body systerm.

It will be a pleasure of me to have feedback from you. if I wasn’t clear enough with any anything, just leave your question and comments below. Don’t forget to subscribe and share.
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