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how to use Pinterest as a business marketing tool#1

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Glancing through this image and surfing on the website will enable have full knowledge on how to succeed in online to use Pinterest as a business marketing tool. Posting your pins that contain your business information, in other to generate high traffics and click to promote your business online.
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how to use Pinterest as a business marketing tool#1

What is Pinterest all about?

Pinterest is the best website to plug into. In other to boost your business revenue by generating high potential traffic. You can share and obtain information from others. There are a lot of pins with pictures and videos to explore.

Do you know that, in the year 2012, Pinteres was responsible for generating 17.4% revenue for e-commerce website which make it to be one of the best among the total social media? Consumers who shop online find what they need.

how to use Pinterest as a business marketing tool

Pinterest pins that have prices get more followers as compare to those without prices. Global companies, 25 per cent of them have Pinterest accounts. One of the main reason of those who use Pinterest, they used this social media site to associate with their brands and retailers.

how to use Pinterest design Pin and Videos.

Pinterest is a network made up of various online communities. Its main purpose is to create Pins and videos for advertising on a wide array of topics. Pinterest also features several discussion boards and forums where people can drop comments or ask for questions on various matters. That makes Pinterest as a business marketing tool.

The site is among the top websites worldwide and generates its revenue through affiliate and paid advertisements. Using Pinterest as a business marketing tool to increase traffic to your website. It’s
also, an effective way to amplify your business.

One good thing with Pinterest, you can sign in and start creating pins without paying for advertisement. You should know that Pinterest provides a large variety of interesting topics. Glance through the various topics and choose those that fit you and post your pins.

why Pinterest is good for business marketing

This image shows how entrepreneur, Marketing plan and more pins trending on Pinterest to promote their brands.
how to use pinterest for business marketing tool.
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What Makes Pinterest Differ From other social media.

Use it as a Business Marketing Tool

Comparing Pinterest with other social media. You will find why Pinterest is the tool to use for business. It helps owners search for more brand recognition. People everywhere soft on Pinterest for inspiration on what to buy and even to keep a virtual collection of things they find interesting. A good number of Pinterest usage use mobile devices.

why people are turning to Pinterest.

A majority is to find more pieces of information for their needs. Pinterest helps connect with other individuals with the same style, hobby, interest and Ads that offer discounts to brands and companies or website. I also use Pinterest for business marketing

People are more likely to click Pinterest Pin as compare to other social media. Pinterest is growing faster and faster to become one of the most popular social networking websites around the globe.

The proof is that certain companies and brands retailers and websites got great results after integrating Pinterest Pin buttons into their website. Pinterest performance for generating traffic is higher.

How to use Pinterest as a business marketing tool, it’s a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal. Using Pinterest to get the attention of your audience can easily help you improve your sales and close the deal. There are several things you can do to improve your Pinterest (theme, pin, videos and articles).

Some advantages.


Use great and high-quality photos on Pinterest to attract attention and give them a professional quality.

Give well-elaborated Details.
You can use up to 500 characters and give a really great detailed description of your pin.

Organize Pin. How to use Pinterest Pin as a business marketing tool.
Organize them by using collages and other tools to make sure your pins are well presented.

Instructions well presented.
The most successful pins offer viewers a way to replicate the results. It is not enough just to pin ideas without giving up the info to help someone create the same thing.

Vertical Pins.
Experience has shown that vertical pins get more curiosity

Text Overlays

One of the best ways to make your pins noticed, is by using Text overlays.

Pinterest Traffic is more Valuable compare to other Social networks.

Why Pinterest Traffic is more valuable compare to other social media? A post that gets shared on some social media has an average life of 24 hours. That means after 24 hours of sharing you are getting referral traffic. Of which Pinterest pin is 105 days. Over 45% of the traffic that comes from Pinterest pin occurs between 3 and 8 months. Posted pin will produce traffic two years after.

Pinterest traffic is more similar to search engine traffic as to other social media. Most of the long term traffic is driven by user searches within Pinterest. Most people go to some social media just for chatting and look at their news feeds. Why Pinterest users performed searching for new information which could be useful for their online marketing or blog. That’s why Pinterest resemble more like Google.

What Are Rich Pins?

There are pins which are essentially rich with extra information, quality picture, descriptive and well elaborated. Pins are Pinterest business marketing tool.

Different types of rich pins are movies, recipes, products, places, and articles.

I recommend you to use Jaaxy keyword research tool to generate keywords and key phrase to use on your Pinterest pins.

Here is an example of what a rich pin looks like.

Here is an example of what a rich pin looks like.
This in image present you a view of well built pin, 
The image, the titel, the colour and the writings  are well visible .
Check Here for more info on Pinterest Rich Pin

Brand mention and enlarged bold title help make the difference which gives a positive impact on the click from the rest of the pins. That why Pinterest is important for business marketing.

To easily point out an on rich pins, if you glance through the pin, you will realis that, there’s no big bold title and no brand mention.

Why for a rich pin, the title of your pin is automatically used as the same title you will choose for your post.

Rich pins will have the biggest effect on blogs that have titles that are optimized for specific keyword phrases. Blogs that have good Google traffic, rich pin will give you a similar boost in traffic.

You can set up Rich Pins on WordPress,

– Enable open graph data on the Yoast SEO plugin

Go to the social tab within your Yoast SEO plugin and check the box that enables open graph metadata.

-Then go to the rich Pins Validator on Pinterest and Input a URL of a blog Post

– After validating your site , you can apply for rich Pins

and it usually takes about 7 to 10 days for all of your pins to be updated as rich pins.

Pinterest has the highest quality and longest traffic. Pinterest has the best analytics of any social media. It is simple to understand, and it shows all the key statistics that really matter.

The 3 distinct sections of Pinterest analytics
how use pinterest for business marketing tool.
What make Pinterest different from other.
From the image , you can see the analytics overview .
Show total audience, engagements, impression and a graph of daily fonction of your pinterest account.

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The 3 distinct sections of Pinterest analytics…

Pinterest Profile

-It shows you generated information from the added pins through your own profile.


–This section breaks down your audience by country, region and gender.

Website activity

–The stats pins made by you and your audience are associated with your blog are in this section.

The Textual Title Overlay Image

You can use a free template through to accomplish a textual title overlay image.

Use a cute photo for the background. If you wish, you can change only the background colour and add the new title for the post.

To give more credibility to the images

Tall Rectangles size image is the best for Pinterest and 735 pixels wide by 1102 pixels.

Big and Bold text is recommended, because it easy to read the title on the image and will be resized for the feed and for mobile devices.

For the Title and the Background use contrasting Colors for the image background. Use white for your text and using dark colours will increase your pin Pinterest referral traffic.

Using this strategy, will triple your traffic in a few months to come.

We know with most marketing, the success of this strategy is tied directly to the title of the pin by using the top keyword for rich titles. It is wise to take your time to craft a compelling keyword in other to create a perfect rich title for every post.

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

I strongly recommend you to use Jaaxy for your keyword research tool.

It will help you for keywords research which will use for presentation of your Pinterest pins.

Jaaxy is simple and very easy to use.

It gives a complete analytic for your keyword.

Newbies can read and understand easily.

You can sign for Free or update for more Profesional option.

Jaaxy keyword research tool.
Jaaxy is one of the best research tool 
It very easy to use 
It offer a complete analytic result and  simple to understand.

Check it out by clicking below…..

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

To have a deeper knowledge of how to use Pinterest and Jaaxy research keyword tool. Join Wealthy Affiliate Platform or glance through Rofeza post to discover more. It a platform dedicated to helping those of all levels. They train you to build long-term profitable affiliate marketing business. WA, amplify their training on Affiliate marketing-Search engine-Niche marketing-Website building- Content creation-E-mail marketing and Social media marketing.

You will gain help and support from experts and active members. If there’s anything I didn’t explain well, Please drop your question and comment below. It will be my pleasure to read from you.


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